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Credit Card Integration with Sicom goes live in UK

As transactions being paid with credit/debit cards increases, so does the demand for a faster way to take such payment.
Chip and Pin payment on Sicom is quick, easy and secure, increasing speed of service and cutting queue times. Costly delays of waiting for shared phone lines to become free and dial up connections to be made are eliminated by utilising your broadband connection making transactions almost instant, and with each terminal having its own pin-pad any amount of customers can pay at once.


80th 'Next Generation' Headset System installed into Burger king

For over a decade now EGS have been supplying quality Intercom systems to the fast food industry.
With trade at the Drive Thru increasing, clarity and order accuracy are essential to keep your speed of service running at the maximum and customers satisfied.
Orders for our latest fully digital system are rising quickly, with many franchisees choosing to roll out the system across their entire Drive Thru restaurants.


MOTO Services appoint EGS to Install/Update Kitchen Minder for Burger king restaurants

MOTO Services are franchise to a large number of Burger king restaurants and have appointed EGS to update their current kitchen minders as well as install into the remaining stores in their estate.
Having Kitchen Minder working has become a must for Burger king restaurants and our knowledge of the product along with our national engineer base has seen us succeed where others fail.