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  • Epos
    More than just order taking, today's systems must be able to run store wide operations such as Inventory control, Labour, Speed of Service & Credit card transactions.
    Remote web based connection and reporting allows access from wherever you are globally, keeping you up date date with whatever is happening on site, the minute it happens.

    We offer a wide range of Epos equipment for every kind of user. From simple, stand alone, kiosk style outlets to large multi lane drive-thru stores wanting to incorporate the latest technology, we can find a solution to fit your needs.


  • Drive-Thru Intercom & Lane Timers
    Speed of Service and clear communication is vital to customer satisfaction on drive-thru sales. A
    t EGS we offer a range of Headset and Timer systems to help you manage your service, staff and drive-thru operation more smoothly and efficiently, giving your customers the standard of service they demand.

    Network-Ready Connectivity on both Headset and Timer systems provide access to critical information whilst remote assistance allows problems to be identified as soon as a support call is placed.

    With aids such as visual displays for Timers and ergonomically designed headsets with features such as voice prompts and multiple order taking options, you can be sure that your staff will be getting the most from our systems, which in turn can be passed onto your customers.


  • CCTV
    Working close with our customers from the start of the project we will oversee the design and installation of your CCTV system, additionally offering service and support making sure that whatever you are protecting, your CCTV is doing so with the best images available within your requirements and budget.

    Whether commercial, industrial or domestic our digital systems offer the latest technology such as remote viewing, Smart phone apps and data backup.


  • Order Confirmation
    Order accuracy on Drive-Thru sales is the best way to satisfy speed of service times as well as one of the best ways to satisfy your customers.

    With our Order Confirmation Posts the customer has confidence in their order as they are able to view exactly what the cashier is taking, allowing for any mistakes or changes to orders to be rectified at the speaker post rather than at payment or collection points, avoiding queues whilst the matter is dealt with.

    With scheduled advertising also being displayed using the latest screen technology, coupled with climate control inside the post our order confirmation has been a proven success.


  • Digital Signage / Menu Boards
    Catch your customers eye with Digital Menu Boards and Signage around your store. Products and information can be shown in both video or image format and can be scheduled to change between different times of the day automatically, keeping your store up to date without the need for staff input.

    The Sicom Epos System also offers integration with Digital Menu Boards allowing you to change the price on your tills and the price on the Menu Board also updates. How's that for time saving.


Please feel free to contact us for more information on any of our products or to arrange a demonstration on any of our systems.